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What is No Win No Fee

At Quantumlegal we follow a very strict No Win No Fee policy, since we believe that it is the right way to proceed. This basically means that in our solicitors do not start off with your case by charging a particular fee for their services. We wait for the outcome of your case. In the event of a victory, where we have managed to get you your compensation, a particular amount will be charged by our solicitor which would be taken from the compensation amount that you receive.

While this may be the case, we however do not charge you for a lost case. Our solicitor would create an After the Event Insurance cover which would basically pay for the opponent party’s fees and other related expenditure which might have been borne because of your specific needs. Many companies are not very transparent about their methods and often don’t tell clients about this possibility. We believe in absolute transparency and provide clients with the option of an After Event cover to make matters easy.

We follow this No Win No Fee policy because we realize that there are hundreds of claimants waiting to get their due who are however often hesitant to approach any company because of the fear of a huge fee. We understand that not everybody is able to make a sudden and large contribution. Moreover, it is unfair to expect a person to pay a fee when he is already in need of financial assistance because of injuries sustained by him at home, on the road or at his workplace.