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Is My Job At Risk?

Work-related accidents are a tricky business because a lot of people believe that claiming compensation for personal injuries is like suing the boss! Now that is something you would not really be comfortable with and we at Quantumlegal do not believe in proceeding with a case unless we have convinced our clients that they are doing the right thing.

Basically, more than any other thing it is your life which is at risk! When accidents happen at workplaces there are several factors which contribute towards them. Often it is has been discovered that a workplace has not followed any of the basic safety guidelines that all such sites are supposed to comply with. Many employers don’t bother to get proper insurance cover for their business. All this only complicates matters for both employer and employee. Fearing that your job may be at risk would only make you turn blind to the obvious safety hazards.

When you apply for a claim, you are not personally charging your employer for injuries sustained by you within his office. Assuming that he has an insurance cover, it is basically his insurance company which would pay you your due. Insurances are fixed for the purpose of dealing with emergencies. The personal injury compensation is your right because once you are inside the workplace you are your employer’s responsibility. In fact, even in the case of an accident where the employer is not out of line with rules, it is possible to get compensation. When you come to us, we take you through the process.