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Defective Products

The Consumer Protection Act of 1987 was implemented to police the sale of products that might be harmful to the health of the general buying public. Every day millions of products are being consumed. Not all of them would be sold while they are still within their expiry date. Not all of them would be clinically-tested and certified products. When used, they lead to harmful effects causing minor to severe problems. Each and every product, starting from a child’s toy to a car, is a potential danger to the health of consumers.

If you have been adversely affected after using a product, you must immediately take action. While the medical treatment is very crucial, it is equally necessary that you let the authorities know of this. Claiming personal injury compensation from the responsible parties is a must. Our solicitors at Quantumlegal are trained to handle such cases. We would first require a detailed medical report of your condition, its future effects and the cost of treatment. This assessment would then help us draw up your claim.

Apart from your health, the defective product could also cause damages to both personal as well as public property. For electrical appliances with faulty wiring, the entire house might be burnt down. Often a damaged car on the road could result in accidents. It is the responsibility of the product manufacturers and owners to consult their insurance companies and pay the damage charges. At Quantumlegal we further inform our clients of the common kinds of damages caused by defective products for which claims can be made.